Plan a memorable trip to Rome, Italy. This very popular tourist destination has a lot to offer. Not only does it have great food, but also fascinating, historical attractions that are sure to wow you! Use this guide to plan ahead. Make a to-do list of everything you want to explore when you take a flight to Rome. We can find cheap flights to Rome via United Airlines, American Airlines, Delta Air Lines, British Airways, Lufthansa, Virgin Atlantic, and more. Ask our experienced agents today about affordable rates on hotel accommodations.

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Top Things To Do In Rome

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Facts About Rome

  • Rome is the capital of Italy. It is located in the central part of Italy near the west coast.

  • Rome, Italy is bordered by the Tiber River, about 15 miles from the Tyrrhenian Sea.

  • Rome uses the euro as its currency.

  • Within Rome is Vatican City, an independent state since 1929.

  • Rome is also known as the Eternal City.

  • ncient Rome was one of the largest empires in the ancient world. It existed for about 12 centuries.

Top Attractions In Rome

Rome, Italy, is one of the most well-known cities in the world. Major attractions, such as the Colosseum and Vatican City, are familiar to almost everyone. There is so much to discover when you travel to Rome. You should book flights and hotels as far in advance as possible for the best rates. Get flight deals to Rome from other popular destinations, such as New York, London, Tel Aviv, Canada, Australia, Germany, Czech Republic, and Greece. Add the following destinations to your itinerary when you book your flights to Italy.

  • Colosseum – very year, thousands of visitors take flights to see the largest and most famous amphitheater in Italy. It was constructed between 72 AD and 80 AD. Buy tickets online in advance to view the remains. Visit the Colosseum’s tunnels first. Then, take an audio-guided tour of the Forum. Don’t miss the photo opportunity beneath the Arch of Constantine.

  • Roman Forum – This historical attraction was the center of the ancient Roman Empire. It is set between the Palatine and Capitoline Hills in a small valley. Formerly, it was the venue for debates, elections, public speeches, shopping, worship, and social gatherings. View the ruins on a self-guided tour. For a more in-depth exploration of the area, join a tour group.

  • Pantheon – Located on the south side of Piazza della Rotonda. This former temple for the Roman gods is one of the best preserved buildings here. It dates back to approximately 126 AD. It has the largest unreinforced concrete dome in the world. Plus, huge granite Corinthian columns. Visit early in the morning to avoid the crowds.

  • Vatican City – Vatican City is a separate state. It has been run by the Pope since its creation in 1929. Go on a guided tour of the Vatican Museums, The Gardens, and St. Peter’s Basilica. Starting at 9am or 10am, the tours last 5 or 6 hours. Remember to abide by the strict dress code at St. Peter’s Basilica. Cover your shoulders, knees, and midriff.

  • Trevi Fountain – Visit this world famous Baroque fountain to participate in the legendary coin toss. Throw 3 coins into the fountain over your left shoulder with your right hand as you make a wish. It is believed that whoever tosses coins into the fountain will return here someday. The money collected supports food programs for the poor.

Best Times To Visit Rome

Many attractions can be enjoyed during different seasons throughout the year. High season is the spring (April and May). This is the most popular time to visit. Summer (June through September) is popular, too. The low season is the fall (October and November) because, despite the good weather, there aren’t as many tourists. The off season is winter (December through February). With the exception of Christmastime, you’ll find cheap airfare and cheap hotel rates during this time. Whenever you fly to Italy’s capital, there will be plenty for you to see and do. So, book cheap flights any time of year. Ask your flight guru for round trip flight deals to Italy from elsewhere in Europe. Plus, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, United Arab Emirates, and South Africa.

  • In the capital of Italy, you can expect a Mediterranean climate. This means hot, dry summers and mild, wet winters.

  • uring the winter, daytime temperatures range from 50-60°F. Nighttime temperatures are usually a tad above freezing.

  • ccasionally, light flurries of snow fall in the winter. Major snowstorms are rare.

  • If you travel during the colder months, bring a comfortable pair of water-resistant walking shoes, sweater/sweatshirt, scarf, and raincoat.

  • If you arrive during the warmer months, bring comfortable sandals or sneakers, sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

Rome Tour Options

  • Vespa Tours

    – Scoot through downtown on a Vespa. You won’t get this unique experience on a traditional bus tour or walking tour. The Vespa is the preferred mode of transportation for Italians. A guide from a tour company, like Scooteroma, will pick you up and drop you off at your luxury hotel or other central location. Zip by major attractions and lesser known attractions. Your knowledgeable guide will give you a very informative history lesson.

  • Free Tour

    – Since 2009, this free walking tour has been a favorite of thousands of tourists. The tour begins at the Spanish Steps every day at 5:30pm, rain or shine. Make a reservation beforehand, or you won’t be allowed to join the tour. The duration of the tour is 2 hours. It is offered in English only. All the guides are locals who are happy to share their knowledge with you.

  • DarkTours

    – Hear stories about mysteries and legends. These guided group tours are offered in English, French, German, and Spanish. Each year, new tours are added. So, there’s always a fresh experience whenever you visit.

Transportation In Rome

  • Traffic is chaotic. It’s very common for cars to speed and park where they shouldn’t. You can also expect drivers screaming at each other.

  • There are only two metro lines in Rome. A – red, and B – blue.

  • Central Rome has multiple bus lines.

  • At Termini Station, the metro lines intersect, and the bus routes connect.

  • ATAC manages public transportation. Easily plan your travel by checking their website for daily updates and helpful tools.

  • A sign that says “Sali e Tabacchi” at metro stations, newsstands, bars, and local stores means you can buy your bus/train/tram tickets there. Most bus stops don’t sell tickets.

  • To travel quickly, rent a bike or a scooter (motorino).

  • Take flights from Italy to other destinations in Europe.

Best Luxury Hotels In Rome

All great vacations begin with a great place to stay. There’s no shortage of excellent accommodations in Rome. With luxury hotels throughout the city, you have quite a few options. They are all equally fantastic. Book cheap premium flights to Rome. Then, ask our flight gurus about cheap rates on upscale hotels. We will help you get the best deals on accommodations in Rome. Here are a few of the wonderful hotels that can make your visit to the Eternal City even better than you ever dreamed.

  • Aleph Hotel Rome

    – Located in the Ludovisi neighborhood a few minutes away from the Colosseum and other major attractions via metro. All the guestrooms and suites have free Wi-Fi. Some have private terraces. Amenities include free breakfast, room service, an upscale restaurant, a cocktail bar, and a business center.

  • Exedra Roma

    – Located in Rome’s well-known Piazza della Repubblica. This former 19th-century palace offers spacious, elegant guestrooms. Plus, luxury amenities. Within a short distance are Rome’s famous landmarks. You can easily explore Italy’s capital when you stay here.

  • Palazzo Manfredi

    – Within walking distance of the Colosseum, you’ll find this 17th-century villa. Some of the guestrooms feature views of the Colosseum. Dine at the contemporary restaurant for breakfast or dinner. Socialize on the rooftop terrace.

  • otel de Russie

    – Classic architecture and contemporary décor meet at this 5-star property in central Rome. Upgrade your room to get a terrace, as well as city views. Book a suite to enjoy free breakfast and complimentary airport transfers. The restaurant onsite features gourmet Roman cuisine created by a celebrity chef. Take a stroll to the Spanish Steps and many other top Rome attractions.

  • Baglioni Hotel Regina

    – In Rome for the fashion? Stay at this chic hotel located within walking distance of high-end shopping on Via Condotti. In your upgraded room, enjoy free Wi-Fi, designer furniture, butler service, city views, and more posh amenities. The hotel restaurant is Italian fine dining at its best. Get a good workout at the fitness center. Then, relax at the luxurious spa.

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